Forgeworks Inc. an American company founded in Ridgway Colorado.

Our History

We hand build top quality brewing equipment to order, in our shop, in a high desert valley at the Northern edge of the San Juan Mountains. At the special request of our local brewers, Bennett Forgeworks, known for advanced metal crafting in Telluride and Aspen began building equipment to satisfy the demand for high quality, competitively priced brewing equipment that is manufactured in the United States. Since then, we have grown to become a prominent manufacturer of brewing equipment, supplying systems all over the United States and Canada. Resulting from market demand the company was later branded as Forgeworks Inc.

beer2Everyone at Forgeworks is here because of their passion for the mountain lifestyle combined with the opportunity to ply their craft producing top quality equipment for the craft beer industry.

In a market that is heavy with imported equipment, we provide an alternative that resonates with the ethos of craft beer; a domestically produced product for the enjoyment of a local population. A product of the place where it is consumed, produced by people passionate about quality, individuality and community.

Forgeworks takes great pride in producing finely crafted equipment that will last for decades. It is our belief that this is best done by talented individuals working in a cooperative environment. We take great care to ensure that our quality is always the highest, and that our culture keeps our craftsmen free from distraction.

Brew pubs and micro breweries now have a source of top quality, beautiful, reasonably priced vessels and systems in the 3.5 through 20 barrel size range, made in America by metal artisans in Colorado.